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All Deal is a set of mobile phone applications and websites that attract customers to visit and try your products and services.

Why All Deal?

  • A chance to meet a lot more customers, a chance to let them try your products or services, and a chance to keep them as your loyal customers. We bring customers to you. You have focus on your products and services, managing your store and staffs.

  • No upfront cost: you do not pay anything beforehand. You will pay the commission fee to us based on how many deals we can sell for you through All Deal.

  • We bring you online for free. By working with All Deal, you will be able to have a merchant profile for free. Merchant Profile can be used as a subdomain for your business. All Deal users also can subscribe to your Merchant Profile and your subscribers will automatically receive notifications from their smartphone whenever you have a new deal.

  • You can easily track the performance of your promotion through our website Merchant Management Page.
  • We have a graphic design to make sure your promotion pictures will look effortless on our website and smartphone application.

  • We know that every business has their high and low season. All Deal is the best way to bring customers in your store in the low season or time of the day that has less customers. Attract them with your great deals.

  • Our team has worked with a lot of merchants to create the most successful promotions to promote their business. We will sit down and give you ideas on how to make a successful promotions that will turn out tons of customers.

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